Level Up with Tom Davis

The Business Program for Canine Professionals

For the first time, Tom Davis will allow motivated, forward-thinking canine professionals into his ecosystem. Join Tom and his team for an intimate behind the scene experience with one of the most prominent figures in the canine world.

We have created this program for anyone desiring to take their canine career to the next level.

If you are an aspiring dog professional or a seasoned trainer looking to level up your business, an inside look at Tom’s world will do exactly that!

There are plenty of professional dog trainer schools out there, but this will be the first of its kind, teaching skilled canine professionals to grow their brand and business and increase their revenue!

If you are the BEST or want to be the best at what you do, you HAVE to know how to brand yourself and get your brand in front of an audience.

The internet has become such a cluttered place for any niche or market. You must know how to stand out and simply where to begin.

This weekend could change your life forever. You are invited to join Tom alongside his team to observe all their tips and tricks as they work privately with clients in his popular 3-day training program at the highly sought-after Upstate Canine Academy.

Here’s what you will get in the Level Up program

Onboarding student meeting with Tom on Wednesday before Tom’s training program.

  • 2 FULL days of Shadow training with Tom and his clients
  • A student Q&A after each training day
  • Shadow Tom and his clients in a group class
  • ​Shadow Tom’s client send-off
  • ​1-hour of hands-on dog behavioral Q&A
  • ​Complimentary luncheon with Tom at the UCA (Upstate Canine Academy)
  • ​2-hour Business Boost meeting covering how to grow and create your brand. Popular topics include social media tactics, hiring new staff, how to scale your company, plus MUCH MORE!

*The program is limited to five students; please apply with the form below.

Why Level Up with Tom Davis?

If you are in the dog space at ALL, there is a good chance you have heard or seen Tom’s face. Tom’s ability to break things down to dog owners has changed the dog training industry. Tom coined (the name) ‘America’s Canine Educator’ in 2014, which is often imitated but never duplicated. Tom didn’t want to become a dog trainer because he was not! Tom(He) is in the people business, not the dog business. Once quoted in one of his newspaper articles, “Tom trains what’s holding the leash, not what it’s attached to” - Saratoga Living.

Tom has one the largest social media presence in the dog training industry. Tom (He) is not just a famous “dog trainer” on YouTube with an incredible subscriber count of over 800,000, but he has scaled his brand on every single platform imaginable. Tom Davis is the host of the No Bad Dogs award-winning podcast. Tom has inspired thousands of dog owners to follow their passion for working with dogs and motivated experienced dog trainers to keep climbing.

Tom Davis is trusted by elite athletes and entertainers like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Judge, Logan Paul, The Chain Smokers, and MANY more!

The TODAY Show, Fox News, Good Morning America, and PEOPLE magazine trust Tom’s approach and likeness. Tom is featured on national television several times per year.

Tom is one of the only dog professionals in the world with various yearly sponsorships, brand deals, and signature series products. This is alongside his quickly growing No Bad Dogs merchandise company which ships orders worldwide daily.

Tom Davis pioneered a new path in dog training seminars this last year by traveling with a 60ft entertainment tour bus and trailer with an entire production team on a sold-out U.S. tour and a sold-out seminar in London.

Tom is an industry leader that continues to break down new walls and open new chapters for professionals in the dog space.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Tom work in person and provide you with the tools you need to grow as a dog professional!


I thought it was one of the most insightful things; you can watch youtube videos on repeat, but seeing it in person is completely different. It’s simplified but also informative.”

Since discovering Tom, observing his knowledge and skill and watching him work dogs and been a pathway for me to open my own business and be a full-time dog trainer. Tom has been instrumental in lighting that fire within myself to understand dog behavior to deliver sessions to clients.”

It’s not something you ever see a trainer do, to be open and honest enough to actually expain ”

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